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Serving those in need since 1802

Applications need to be supported by a recognised organisation or a medical professional

Our user-friendly application form can be downloaded by clicking below. Please ensure that both the application and consent forms (to comply with GDPR) are completed and returned by email. We also require a letter of submission, explaining the details of need.

Please note, we cannot accept applications without documented evidence of medical or disability-related need, for example repeat prescription list, a sick note (Med 3), copy of PIP or DLA certificate. All applications must be endorsed by a qualified health professional and/or recognised support agency. Applications lacking this evidence will be returned.

Grants can be as diverse as the provision of driving lessons to domestic appliances. RDT will not fund services or goods which are available from statutory sources.

If you are applying for domestic appliances, please consider energy efficiency and choose an appliance with a good energy efficiency rating.

Grant applications are approved on the second Tuesday of each month to ensure the minimum delay in applicants receiving support. Applications from individuals cannot be accepted, they must be made by a referring organisation/agency.

The decision of the Trustees on grant applications is final and RDT will not engage in further correspondence.

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